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August 2013 Photo Challenge

September 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Here's another month to record - this time with three themes: The Eyes Have It; Blue; and Water.

I've been thinking about moving this challenge to a group Facebook page, where folks can submit their photos directly, and our group will be able to comment on each submission. This will be much easier than the current format and will be much easier to access. It will also mean you can post as many pictures as you want (within reason). The only problem with this is everyone in the group isn't on Facebook, and would require them to get an account, if only to access the challenge page.

So that's the proposal - what's your opinion? This would be a closed group (only those who are invited can join through my okay). What advantages or disadvantages do you foresee?

The advantages from my perspective:

  • I wouldn't have to take around four hours to design and post every month. Right now, the Zenfolio blog site I'm using is horribly unfriendly to use and crashes 50% of the time when I try to add a photo. I have to get out of the program, then get back in fresh. I've learned to save everything right before adding each picture, or I lose the previous stuff. Very bad website.
  • More photos could be submitted.
  • We could enjoy photos all month, instead of having to wait to see them every 30 days or so.

The disadvantages from my perspective:

  • Everyone isn't now on Facebook.
  • Folks may not want their photos on Facebook.
  • People don't like change.




We'll look at Don's pictures first, all of them taken at the Hayes' family reunion up in the Sierra. He says, "The 'rearview mirror eyes' is my sister in law. It was taken from the cargo area of a 5 passenger SUV. I was seated there by virtue of being the nimblest of the senior citizens." I'm pretty sure this shot comes under the "Peeping Don" category.



"The four 'Sunny' pics are of a dog down at the creek. Sunny loved to fetch sticks out of the creek and had no problem if they were on the bottom. He would feel around with his feet in 12 to 18 inches of water and then dive for them. He'd come up with the stick and then shake vigorously to clear his ears."








"'Black and blue eye' is a young lady who bumped into a wall with her swim goggles on.....got a nice shiner for her effort." Oh, the sweet innocence of youth - inevitably traumatized by unexpected blows and bludgeoning. Cute picture, Don.




"Lastly is Calista who was a trouper and great model for posing for the blue/eyes/water trifecta....." Congratulations, Don - you win the prize for getting all three into one picture. And the prize is: a one month's vacation at your expense to see America, visit places you've never seen and enjoy experiences you've only dreamed about!






Dave's (my) submissions were varied after shooting almost every weekend in August. September will be a different story, thanks to an all-month scheduled overtime at work. That should include Saturdays, my main day to scout around. Oh, well, hopefully others will step up to the plate and get some name and fame recognition.

Nothing like a car show to find some blue paint to enjoy. I usually like to use my zoom lens and marry a few hoods together for contrast, color and perfect lines. I really like the stand-out blue here in this shot that graduates from cyan to more of a process blue color above it.




The next picture is in "The Eyes Have It" category. Erica was one of the re-enactors at the Civil War Encampment at the old Lockeford schoolhouse. This was her second venture into the world of petticoats and corsets. Thankfully, it wasn't too hot that day. After presenting/showing me what women's apparel consisted of in those days (specimen undergarments were on display on a blanket on the ground), I told her about the photo challenge and asked if I could get a close-up portrait. I didn't realize her eyes had so much color until I processed the picture later. This was taken with the Nikon D5100 and 55-300mm lens, ISO 400.




More blue to enjoy next. I looked out the north man door at work and saw some swirling clouds straight up, went a got my little point and shoot and captured a nice design. Canon SD980.




The next picture is a heavily processed portrait of another re-enactor in Lockeford. He was just sitting in the 'sewing' area where a woman was showing girls how to use an ancient hand-cranked sewing machine. His pipe smoking really added to his character. Sorry, I didn't ask him for his name.




The final entry was taken at the Civil War Camp as well. I took pictures of this Dalmatian last year also - in the same tent. Nothing like a white tent to give you nice lighting! This wasn't an ordinary tent - it was a Sibley tent, designed and patented by Henry Sibley in 1856. It's about 10' wide at the bottom, so there's plenty of room inside for an officer's belongings.





Our September Challenge themes: --Shadows--; --Cemeteries--; and --Weathered--

Again, this should be a wide enough range of subjects so everyone can participate. Black and white is okay, and will actually accentuate the first two themes. Be creative - use double exposures in a cemetery, take a macro of a weathered face, fence or Ford, wait until sunset and get some shadows - whatever. It's up to you. Remember, we aren't critics and won't be hammering your pictures - unless you absolutely request a critique.

So, happy and adventurous shooting in September. Bookmark this page so you won't forget the monthly themes. And thing about doing this on a closed group Facebook page. All opinions are welcomed, but yours truly will make the final decision. Email me at wordydave@sbcglobal.net.








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