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January Challenge 2013 - Signs

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We start the new year looking for direction on our long journey. Many paths, a myriad of directions. We're surrounded by these visual markers. Many would say we're bombarded and overloaded with them. Signs - they're everywhere we go. From Post-It notes to neon storefronts, we can't escape their messages and influence.

We've stretched our camera skills this month, recording cultural history in a number of places. Thanks to everyone for entering and capturing your little corner of the signage world. Angel went out shooting with me, so I'm including a few of her shots as well.


Our first entries are from our friend Don's repertoire.

"The Buena Vista sign is on the old 101 between Paso and San Miguel. The cabins are still there, but are in pretty rough shape. I believe at one time they were called the Moon Valley Cabins."


"The Drone signage is someone's opinion on the front of the boarded up Fox Theater."



Then there is the perennial tagger photos. This one was taken by the Paso train depot. I think Don thoroughly enjoyed the "Thrill of the Hunt." Don't you?



Linda stepped outside of the box for her picture. Her "sign" had nothing to do with the printed/artistic work we commonly call signage. Hers was a seasonal sign - winter in full cyan bloom, cold and icy.



Angel's creative skills are coming along. Here are two shots taken at the waterfront warehouse complex on the channel in downtown Stockton.




Her last photo is one she and I have wanted to get for a long time. We finally did it!!! She couldn't get over the irony of two different businesses, side by side, displaying an amusing combination of verbage. She had me Photoshop out the "Collision and Restoration" subtitle on the BUGS sign.



Megen wandered around 13th and Spring St. in Paso Robles for her captures of the Children's Museum in the old firehouse. Thanks, Meg.





Yours truly spent a Saturday afternoon in Sutter Creek looking for appropriate pictures. He can report there were opportunities galore as you can see in his recent posting: http://wordydave.zenfolio.com/p648599014 Here's one of them, taken with his new 12-24mm Tokina wide angle lens. Fun day. Perfect weather. He gives free tours!


The next two shots were taken on a shopping day in the mall with Dave's Canon SD980 point and shoot. Great little camera!




Ginnie reports: "Jack and I spotted some old signs in San Miguel earlier in the month when he rode shotgun on one of my plein air painting trips. So late yesterday afternoon we gassed up the car and the camera batteries to drive the 9 miles north. It brought back memories of long ago car trips when we drove thru little towns desperately looking for a place to stay the night. The Shady Rest looked private and promising, the old Hotel looked quiet, but then we came to the feed and grain at the end of town and had to turn around. We decided to eat Mexican food at Los Padres located on a side street where they serve the best chile rellenos ever (fresh big green Anaheim chiles). Then drove back thru Paso and spotted one of the few old neon signs left in town at the Foster's Freeze. Was fun. Topped off the evening with Tums and a movie."





Wow! What a collection of great shots! Thanks to everyone for their participation. I know it's not easy to get out there and take the time to trip those shutters.

This month's challenge (February) will be "Multiple Choice." There will be a number of different themes you can choose from, and you can submit for more than one theme if you want.

The themes: "Hands," "Artwork," Family Pet," "Something That Makes You Smile," and "Nature."

Should prove to be a great month for variety. Have fun and happy shooting!



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