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Hoping for a great sunrise as this new storm front moves in, I was sorely disappointed as I staked out a spot on Bruceville Road. Dark and dreary, with just a sliver of color over the Sierra. Thousands of snow geese took flight in back of me as I waited for more light.
The house wrens are starting to make their nests and scold all passersby. They have a lot of personality and their squawking is fun to listen to. It will be spring in its full bloom soon.
A 50# mature beaver lay dead in the road as I walked by. The blood was still bright red. Poor guy got nailed as people drive about 50mph or faster on this road. His body was still partially in the road, so I pulled it around and off a little way. The BLM volunteers will probably pick it up.
I wanted to wait and see if the two bald eagles spotted a few days ago were still around, but with the dark clouds, pictures would be pretty horrible.

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