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Created 23-May-09
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Morelli Boat Ramp Park on Stockton's Deep Water Channel is on the south side of the channel on Weber Street. You can launch a boat or fish or kick back and watch people. I wanted to get a long shot of the new marina being built towards downtown. I was surprised by other photo opportunities and being able to talk to an older gentleman who told me the history of fishing on the channel while lure fishing for stripers and bass.

The fellow in the red shirt was catching a few shad to use as bait for the larger fish, but wasn't having much success. The reason: All of the construction going on had killed off most of the shad. Last year at this time, thousands of them were jumping and being gobbled up by hundreds of birds, while this year there are hardly any. I only saw two egrets and two herons fishing while I was there.

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