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The local paper photo challenge theme is "Silhouettes." I was hoping for some great cloud cover after the rain earlier this week, but was disappointed to find a super clear sky. At least the ridge of the Sierra Nevada was nice and crisp. We drove to Jackson last Saturday and could barely see the mountains because of the haze and smog.
This set was taken with my Nikon D5100, 55-300mm VR lens and a great tripod. But it was below freezing, and it didn't take long for my gloved right hand fingertips to go numb. I couldn't turn the camera shutter speed dial and had to use my middle finger straight down on the shutter at the end of the shoot. No pain, no gain. Thankfully, it will be warming up in the next few months.
These were taken about a mile north of the Mokolumne River . . .

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