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Created 15-Jan-11
Modified 15-Jan-11
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The high fog was starting to break up when I got to the Cosumnes River Preserve, north of Thornton, CA about 7:30 this morning. Plenty of sandhill cranes and waterbirds to shoot. My lens with a 2X tele-converter was an experiment gone wrong, so all but one of the crane pictures have been highly worked and 'smart-blurred.'

My other big mistake was not checking to see if my 'exposure compensation' was on '0'. It was on -1.7. That's almost 2 full stops underexposed! Compensating with slower exposure and higher ISO isn't the best solution.

I am not happy with these shots by any stretch, but it was fun talking to my photog companions and seeing my favorite waterbird, the black-necked stilt.

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