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The Amgen Tour of California's Stage 3 began in San Jose and jogged by the end of Airport Road before heading into the Modesto finish line. Living and working just a few blocks from Airport Road, I left work early and drove all the way in the rain to where it deadends south of Manteca. Thankfully, it stopped raining while waiting for and watching the cyclists! The heavens just parted and there was some sunlight in the distance!

Expecting to be the only one there, I was surprised to see about 75 cars and lots of people waiting with the same idea that I had. This really ruined the corner shots, as cars and pickups were parked all along the other side.

Lots of cameras but only two digital DSLR's from what I saw, mine and a guy who was following them from Patterson Pass Road into Modesto. He sported a Nikon D200 with an expensive long lens. But he didn't have a flash to use for fill like I did.

Nothing spectacular, but at least I can say I was there.

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