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Created 26-Nov-16
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Rain was scheduled for this morning as I headed up I-5 to the Preserve, hoping for a potentially glorious sunrise while it was sprinkling. I drove down Bruceville Road with lots of color showing to the east, above the flooded acreage that had about 100 Sandhill cranes in two ponds. I wasn't disappointed, but rewarded with a beautiful blush of reds, orange and yellows. Thankfully, the rain waited just until I finished my shots! God had mercy on me!
I then headed for Woodbridge Road, seeing a few dozen cranes in the fields and many egrets along the road. My crane shots were bland, so you only get the egrets. The two little juvenile snowy egrets were cute. Each a foot high.
Gas is cheap right now. No excuse for not heading out and enjoying God's creation.

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