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Breakfast time at Cosumnes River Preserve. I knew the moon would be setting right above the waterway I had shot last month, so I headed back before sunrise to catch it and was treated with numerous fauna feasting or looking for breakfast.

Since it is the July 4th holiday, the main parking lot was locked up, so I didn't hike anywhere else to get shots.

These were all taken from close to the main road with tripod and the 55-300mm lens. I used a graduated neutral density filter on the first moon shot. Lots of cropping and processing on every picture but the train tressle over the water.

The river otter made a slow glide toward me, but I couldn't get a sunlit shot as he got close. He swam under the water plants about 25 feet from the road, and you could see the plants moving when he moved, but I didn't wait around for him to come back out.

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