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Created 31-May-10
Modified 31-May-10
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Okay, so I'm addicted to flower photography! I confess a weakness for early morning light behind rose petals. And I ask your forgiveness for being fascinated with little creepy crawly things that also like roses.

It's almost June (tomorrow) and the first bloom at the Victory Park Rose Garden in Stockton is past. You won't see much of the hundreds of aged and dead blooms. Not too photogenic. So it was difficult to find those special buds and prime specimens.

All flower portraits taken with a Nikon D70 and a 55mm MicroNikkor f3.5 lens (manually focused and metered).

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Keywords:California, Stockton, blooms, flower, fountain, garden, insects, macro, museum, park, pink, red, roses, white, yellow

Victory Park Rose GardenBetty Boop (FL)French Lace (FL)Angel Face (FL)Glowing Peace (GR)Iceberg (FL)Betty Boop (FL)Centennial Star (HT)Honor (HT)Gemini (HT)French Lace (FL)Betty Boop (FL)Iceberg (FL)Mandarin Sunblaze (FL)Love and Peace (HT)Iceberg (FL)Marmalade Skies (FL)Love and Peace (HT)