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Created 16-Feb-14
Modified 16-Feb-14
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Drove to Spanos Park West early this afternoon to check out the development lakes that were never developed (no houses - just the lakes). So people who live in the area can walk around them or fish or whatever. I only heard about them a few weeks ago.
You can't really see them from Eight Mile Road, and you have to drive through the houses and park on a residential street before you start trekking. The fields have been planted with a cover crop that is about 4" high right now.
I only visited a few fingers of one lake. There aren't any trees or developed paths. Pretty rustic.
Note: the Canada geese photo records one family kicking out another from their territory. The two were on the shore for about an hour before another pair swam into their lake finger. They immediately started honking, then flew into the water and chased the newcomers away.
And pretty exciting also as I flushed out a pheasant first thing! Amazing, since I'd never done that before. Ha!
The pictures are run of the mill - nothing special. Oh, I do like the plum blossom taken in my backyard before going, though.

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