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Created 15-Aug-10
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Not too many of you out there, I'm sure. But they are especially challenging to the photographer:

1. They don't necessarily sit still when you want them to.

2. Some of them can bite you.

3. Some of them look pretty scary close up.

4. They don't smile!

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Flame SkimmerBlue DasherHover Fly on ChickoryCabbage White ButterflyCommon WhitetailLupine FeederSutter CreekVariable CheckerspotMt. Diablo BeeFritillaryLodi LakeBee TroughSutter Creek SkippersSan Joaquin Valley Stink BugMale Variegated MeadowhawkBlue-eyed DarnerArtsy Blow FlyBackyard DamselflyRobber Fly