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Our hour at the Micke Grove Zoo south of Lodi was just ending. Angel and Barbara were in the outdoor gift shop looking for that one item that Angel couldn't leave without. I was waiting for them by the pond next to the entrance, watching gall wasps bouncing by the thousands at my feet.

Suddenly a popping that sounded like firecrackers increased to an explosive crack, and a 2 1/2 foot branch from an oak tree came crashing down 15 feet in front of me. It stretched from the park across the street onto the sidewalk, grazing the zoo entrance. One boy was hit from behind while his sister was scratched on her arm. Thankfully, no one was directly under it, or they would have been crushed. The boy was able to walk to the ambulance and seemed to be okay.

The crowd came running immediately after it happened, wanting to help and make sure no one was trapped. The park employees were especially organized and able to keep people away from the precariously hanging branch, care for the young boy and get help directed to the location.

We thank God that no one was killed in this accident.

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