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Created 5-Dec-20
Modified 5-Dec-20
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Wow! I wasn't expecting the huge crowd of families drawn to the beauty of UOP's ginkgo tree, but here they were, an army of kids and adults getting wonderful pictures! All the kids were tossing leaves into the air, getting their hands filthy. I took pictures of one family with their camera, then asked if I could shoot some shots of their kids. The little one didn't quite know what to do at first, but finally was tossing leaves like a pro.
I had been here two years ago for some great macros and wanted to try it again. This time with a tripod and small aperture so everything would be super sharp. I even brought a water spray bottle (I didn't need it last time).
A fun time was had by all, especially the photographers!
Some of these photos are in sets of two: one large one for big enlargements, and a smaller one for web viewing.

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