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I drove to Woodbridge Road early this morning. There was a hint of light over the Sierra that was framed with dark striations above and beside it. "Might be a good sunrise," I thought. A few others were on the road, heading toward the Interstate. I turned on Thornton Road and drove north, past Flag City and Turner Road to Woodbridge Road. The crane refuge is about two miles west of the freeway.

I caught up to two cars that had slowed to a crawl and turned their lights off. You aren't supposed to flash your headlights in the direction of the cranes. They're skittish enough without them. I could hear the cackling and calling even with the windows up. A few thousand cranes were waking up to another dawn.

There were a few dozen folks there before me. A large group was on the viewing platform listening to a tour guide's knowledge of all things Sandhill Crane. Photographers had positioned their tripods along the "keep out" fence, about 75 yards from the nearest crane. These are the guys with the $1500 lenses (or more). I'm not one of them, so I meandered to the edge of the party for sunrise sky shots.

The light was horrible after sunrise. Cloudy, overcast - not the best for my lens and camera.

I went back to Stockton and picked up Angel at 10:00 before heading to downtown Lodi, where the festival is centered. Lots to do and see. Angel especially enjoyed the raptor presentation (same people as last year).

The last group of pictures was taken on Sunday afternoon and at sunset, waiting for the crane fly-in.

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