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Created 12-Dec-15
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It rained pretty hard yesterday, so the ground was sopping wet during my foggy sunrise walk around the back pond and beyond. The autumn color is still hanging around a bit, hence lots of leaf photos.
The oaks were majestic in the greyish soup and made perfect silhouettes as the sun was rising.
I didn't see any ground critters like last week, but there were plenty of birds to enjoy, especially the new crop of goldfinches and Oregon juncos. A white-tailed kite and kestrel were also on the prowl.
The most interesting creature was a totally dew-drenched dragonfly that was on a shrub in some water, so I couldn't get very close to it, but was able to record it for the first time in my long life.
Another great morning in the record books. I thank the Lord for letting me enjoy these times of peace, quiet and His wonderful creation.

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Snow Geese