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Created 20-Feb-16
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Hoping to follow up on some Sandhill Crane shooting last Monday on Staten Island Road, I drove there before dawn. Gary from Sacramento was already there ready to shoot, but the fog was thick, the light was low and the water had receded, putting our subjects farther away. It was a total bust for me - I didn't even pull my gear out of the trunk. But Gary and I had a great visit, talking about his trip this week to shoot Horsetail Fall in Yosemite. He's going back for three days this week, too.

I headed over to the Cosumnes River Preserve to walk the River Walk trail and see what I could see. Nothing exciting except getting my first White-breasted Nuthatch shots. Then when I was back at the parking lot, a large group of White-fronted Geese appeared from the east and started landing in the big pond. Pretty fun to see.

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