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We took Angel to a Lodi lunch after church and enjoyed the fine fare of MacDonald's cuisine par excellence. Unfortunately, my chicken sandwich was missing its mystery sauce and only sported three small slices of pickle. Extra ketchup and some of Barb's fish sandwich's tartar sauce solved the problem.
Afterwards, we drove by Judie and Bob's old house, which is still boarded with plywood over all the windows. They've added a cyclone fence around the place, too, to keep out squatters. Pretty sad.
Then we drove by the lake and found it locked up. No cars could enter.
Then we meandered by the Serpentarium and didn't want to pay $2 each just to see their collection of reptile wonders.
Then we drove by the Buddhist house behind Micke Grove Park to look at the brightly colored statues and shrines.
Sprinkles and clouds followed us wherever we went.

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