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Created 27-Nov-14
Modified 27-Nov-14
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Thanksgiving Day morning at the river. I was hoping to see the turkey vultures sunning themselves at the bridge, but they weren't there. I pulled out my plastic bag and sat on it at the side of the bridge and waited for any action.
A great egret and blue heron were exerting territorial rights, while a river otter swam around between them. He/she waddled up to the egret and talked a bit before returning to its morning foraging.
I flushed one heron while getting up (it was under the bridge). Then its mate stayed on the rocks while I grabbed a few shots. I've never been this close to a heron before. Pretty striking feathers and eyes. After awhile it took flight, but I couldn't get good shots due to the bridge railings in the way.
There's still remnant fall color splashed all around, but not as intense as last Saturday (before we had a windy rain).
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. God alone is the giver of every good gift and blessing we enjoy. Praise Him for unbounded mercy.

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