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Created 14-Jun-15
Modified 14-Jun-15
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I was able to visit the Preserve a little later in the day than usual, so expected to see more insect life flittering about. As soon as things start warming out, the fields come to life with flies, dragonflies, beetles, birds, and butterflies.
Water is still drying up from the big northeast pond in back of the Visitor Center, which makes conditions perfect for these critters to fly and feed. Catching them for a photo session is another story altogether. I never saw any blue-eyed darner dragonflies land on anything, so had to grab a shot while they were flying - no easy task. Must look pretty foolish to anyone watching the photographer at those times!
The butterflies would land on or near the trails, which makes it pretty easy to shoot them. It's always fun to try to identify them when I get home. Plenty of online identification sites, thankfully.

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