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Designed and built by G.W. Hill in Lodi, CA in 1901, this preserved Victorian housed his wife, Mary and family for many years. He owned a jewelry store and was a woodworker in his spare time. A few of the furniture pieces were crafted by him, including a beautiful bookcase and grandfather clock. Many of the furnishings are original.

The Hill's daughter, Nellie, was born in 1883. After an accident on the front porch that left her crippled as a child, she was still an active part of the family. She composed music, wrote poetry, sang, loved to socialize and was an accomplished photographer, but died in her 20's.

They also had a son, Maurice, when G.W. was 60 years old. He was also very artistic and published music and poetry. As an artist and concert piano player, the house was always filled with his music and paintings.

Angel enjoyed the personal tour given by the two docents (one a former 3rd grade teacher!). They were very surprised at her interest level and knowlege of many of the items on display.

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