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Labor Day - a great day to get up before dawn and head out to find a sunrise. I knew there would be clouds this morning since we had a 10-20% chance of rain, and was hoping they wouldn't be too full. Saw a flash of lightning in the black sky over Lodi while driving east on Eight Mile Road to Clements Road. There is a beautiful stand of oaks a few miles south of Hwy 88 past the little town of Clements, where I've taken 'tree' photos before. I accidentally had my white balance set wrong on my D90, so a number of these have a 'lavender' cast to them. Looks kinda cool, so I left it during processing.

Driving home on Eight Mile Road, I parked below the new train overpass to get shots of Mt. Diablo and surroundings. You get a great view of the valley from here, but the power pole wires were hanging right in front of the mountain at the highest point on the bridge, so I had to shoot it from about half way up - without anything to prop the camera on. The girl measuring the bridge was there with a group of kids - why, I don't know.

The macro pictures are part of an assignment for the Stockton Record photo challenge for this month. I mixed them in for shock value.

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