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Created 1-Nov-14
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It rained yesterday and I'm always hoping for the best clouds after a rain. Got to Cosumnes River Wildlife Preserve at dawn and used a monopod for the wide-angle sunrise/sky shots. Not really happy with the cloud formations and color, but I was able to get a little reflection off the pond in back of the Visitor Center, thankfully.
I was surprised by the turkey vultures sunning in the old oak branches they've worn down over the years. I've seen a kingfisher perched there, also. It's right above the water.
The little kinglets were hard to shoot, since they flit here and there very quickly, only staying in one spot a few seconds. I didn't notice the spider web in the one picture until after I looked at it on the computer.
Everything was damp, but not dripping wet. Winter is approaching, and numb fingers are around the corner for this photographer. Have to suck it up and play the man.

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Ruby-crowned KingletGreat EgretRuby-crowned Kinglet