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May Photo Challenge - Contrast

June 03, 2012  •  1 Comment

Last month's entries are here, and because folks were super-busy or not able to shoot for May, there will only be a few pictures to peruse.



Linda's first entry shows the contrast of young and old.

"Old and new....This picture is of my mother in law and her brand new great-great granddaughter. Not a great pic but you get the idea...I can think of several old and new ideas... just a thought." Actually, this is a photo taken in late March, but since she is the one who came up with the idea of Contrasts, I'll include this one.



This post of Linda's is a black and white contrast in full color. She says, "The little guy, Fergus, is a rescued dog, he was in pretty bad shape but now is doing great. He's really tiny, still a pup but they think he could be 4-5 months old. The other one is Dexter, who is about 15 years old. He's one of the best dogs on the planet. ;) and is a trained therapy dog. They both belong to my "other" daughter Genevieve. She lived across the street from us when she was a little girl and spent countless hours at my house helping me out, even though she was only a few years older than my kids. She is a precious member of my family. She and her husband live in Modesto not too far from Paul, so I get to see her pretty often."


Don was surprised to see this lost couple on one of his motorcycle jaunts in the Paso Robles area. The folks were trying to find their way to Creston to meet up with some other vintage vehicle vacationers who were on a run. They trusted their map more than Don's directions and arrived at their destination after everyone else did. Must have been a "_____" driver. Do you recognize the car? It's a 1913 Pierce Arrow.




Dave's first entry was taken at Sutter's Fort in downtown Sacramento. There is a huge hospital just to the east, where a construction crane was parked. The new architecture contrasts with the old fort buildings.


Dave's second photo is a panorama (three photos) of the Estero Bay Estuary just south of Morro Bay.  He and Don hiked there before sunrise to get a few shots of Black Hill, Cerra Cabrillo, Hollister Peak (1200' high) and No Name Hill before the girls woke up at the motel. Great fun getting landscape and shorebird pictures.



Thanks to everyone who entered this last month. Sorry to hear that Bruce is having major trouble with his left knee and isn't able to tiptoe through the tulips like the rest of us. Please pray for him and Penny as he visits the neurosurgeon this week.

June's Challenge is now open: Action.  June is great month for picnics, vacation, events, parties, sports. You get the idea. Go for it. Freeze the action. Blur the action. Whatever. Rules are the same: Pictures must be: 5 or less; shot in June; related to the theme; black and white or color; post-processed to your heart's desire; try to send 500kb resolution or smaller; enjoy what you're doing - if it's a pain, just skip it without feeling guilty. I'll understand.

Happy shooting!




Can you tell those pups were being bribed?? Fergus was bouncing all over the place and would have been a contender in the "action" category... thanks for the challenges, Dave!
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